Our risk management education programs are designed to increase your firm's knowledge of liability issues and to give your staff tools to prevent claims and mitigate losses.

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The XL Group Contract eGuide For Design Professionals 0.00

This risk management resource for architects and engineers is a guide to issues and trends in contracts, claims and practice management. The Contract eGuide includes a wealth of information on contract basics and provides step-by-step suggestions for reviewing client-drafted agreements. It also addresses the problems associated with some important and commonly used contract provisions, offering a description of problems that can arise, an in-depth discussion of solutions, and sample contract language.

Risk Drivers: Understanding the Dynamics of Risk in Architecture and Engineering 1.25

With each project you undertake, you assume risks in order for the client to achieve a successful outcome. But without a clear understanding of what causes claims, any project can feel like a house of cards. Risk Drivers is designed to give architects and engineers a solid foundation to build upon.

Since risks are present throughout the entire project cycle—from client acquisition to project close-out—managing them is a constant activity. Based on our large body of claim data, this 1.25 hour course identifies the technical and non-technical causes of loss in the practice of architecture and engineering. In this course, you’ll develop a better understanding of the dynamics of risk, learn the key areas that influence your risk, and gain strategies to anticipate, manage and respond to risk.

Completion Requirements:Participants must complete the course with a score of 80% or higher (they are allowed one retake).